Monday, February 11, 2013

Valentine's Day Love for the Whole Family!

Happy Monday!
Hello from a very snowy CT! We were hit hard by the blizzard and just finished digging out yesterday! We got about 25 inches here. I will have pictures later this week. I have to say I have grown up in CT and have never seen snow like this! It's been pretty crazy, a lot of neighboorhoods are still not plowed, trains still are not running, and most schools are closed again today. I am waiting to hear about all baby and I's activities for the day. I am dreading being stuck in the house for another day! Here are a few pictures from our local paper til I can get mine up!

But on another note this week is Valentine's Day, feels a bit different with little man but I am still very excited to celebrate the love I have for both my boys this week! I have some fun stuff planned for Chris and Patrick. Here is some Valentine's Day inspiration for the family and home!


My Favorite Valentine's Day Swag for the Home



  1. I can't even imagine all that snow! But I will say it does make for a pretty picture! and love all these cute ideas for the whole family!

  2. Oh my word, those snow pictures are crazy! I'm from Colorado and I can't remember the last time we were hit with 25 inches! I'm glad you were all able to keep safe and warm during the storm

  3. Oh my gosh -- that's NUTS!!! Thankful you are safe though!!! Can't wait to see your pictures too!!