Saturday, February 2, 2013

PJF's Six to Eight Month Favorites

six to eight month favorites

six to eight month favorites by ktmcculloch on Polyvore

Ella's Kitchen Baby Food Pouches These are by far Patrick's favorite baby food. They are also great for traveling. They can be a bit on the expensive side but I have been finding them on sale at our local Target and Stop N Shop

Laugh and Learn Apptivity Case This is a total lifesaver. Patrick loves our phones but I prefer mine not covered in drool and baby grime! This also is great for restaurants!

Halo Sleep Sack PJF loves the sleep sack. I also think it helps in his bedtime routine. When it goes on he knows its time for bottle and night night!

Puppy Lovie Patrick loves his lovie. Still trying to get the nerve to let him sleep with it!

Gap two piece PJ's These are awesome for night time diaper changes and also super cute. They do make me a bit sad, he looks so grown up in them!

Fisher Price Stacker Best eight dollars we ever spent! A classic!

Hyland Teething Tablets These have helped a ton! Teething sucks!


  1. Oh so cute! i don't have a baby but love these!