Wednesday, February 13, 2013

For All The Bad Ass Mamas Out There!

Hey Everybody!

So to say new motherhood has been crazy and overwhelming would be an understatement! A lot of the time I have felt like a complete moron! I find myself constantly questioning my mommy decisions, is he eating enough, what is that red spot, is poop supposed to look like that?!?!

I have tons of friends and family but somehow I always felt like I was being a nuisance or that I should know what I was doing...duh I had grown this child why didn't I know exactly what to do with him all the time? But somehow most of the time I felt like I was not only completely clueless, but helpless and a bit sad sometimes.

Then came along my saving grace...a private Facebook group call The Lil Mamas...I kid you not this group has saved me during the first few months of my motherhood. I got connected through some friends when the group was relatively small but now the group has expanded to over 800 members, that includes friends and complete strangers. The beauty of this group has been it's privacy. It has been an ideal forum to vent about husbands, families and even at time our babes and ourselves  It also is a no judgement zone, no agenda and no I can do this whole mommying thing better than you! I love that more than anything! A lot of mothers now believe that they know what is best from feeding to childcare and everything in-between, and can apply that to your life and child...beyond annoying! There is non of this at Lil Mamas!

Lil Mamas is always hoping with activity, up feeding your babe at 3:30 a.m. you are sure to find someone on Lil Mamas. That small rash won't get better, but you are apprehensive about calling your pediatrician in fear of being "that" crazy mom, Lil Mamas are there to say you are totally justified, that has happened to me or call the that doctor ASAP!

Now my precious little Facebook group has expanded to a full-fledged website. They have several featured blogger Moms, some of whom I know in real life and I must admit are pretty bad ass Moms and women. It has forums, links to baby experts and reviews of favorite products. It is still a growing site but the idea is still the same as that small Facebook group I joined, to create a no judgement zone for some pretty amazing Moms. If you are Mom or Mom to be I would definitely check it out! I can only hope it will help you as much as it has helped me!