Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Easter Basket Blog Hop!

Happy Tuesday Everyone!!!!

I am so excited to be linked up with Darci from The.Good.Life today for her Easter Basket blog hop! I absolutely love her blog and she has been nothing but sweet to me! I just adore her! and how cute is her little guy?!?!

Patrick and I are heading down south to spend Easter with my family in Hilton Head, South Carolina so Easter basket prep involves a lot more planning than usual. We are shipping a box down early filled with formula, food and diapers so I don't have to worry about it while I am there. I am taking this opportunity to pack up all PJF's Easter swag!

Here is my idea of Patrick's Dream Easter Basket...

I am in the process of figuring out what will be the final purchases and I have been roaming TJ Maxx, Target and Barnes and Nobles for some surprise ideas! I will be doing another "real" Easter Basket post from down in HHI with the final basket the day after Easter!
What are you putting in your little one's Easter baskets?

I also had to pick up this Easter outfit for PJF at Cater's...

And who doesn't need a pair of baby Sperry's?!?!



  1. omg Hilton Head is one of my favorite places on earth! My family has a house in Shipyard Plantation and some of my favorite memories (and hopefully future memories) are from days on those wide beaches and riding down William Hilton Pkwy!

    loving your preppy Easter Basket picks! And Baby Sperry's are a must.

  2. the goodies you have for Patrick's Easter basket look so fun! I'm excited to get a basket together for my new little man this year. I bet you had so much fun picking those things out for him.

  3. Love that the bowtie made it on the list!!! Elizabeth Edwards, The Beaufort Bonnet Company

  4. FRIEND!!!!!! I'm so sad that I'm just seeing this.... no clue how I missed it!

    I absolutely love all you've picked out for Patrick's first Easter basket! Of course, the mini Sperry's just sent me over the edge! Haha! That Peter Rabbit onesie from Gap is the sweetest Easter getup I've seen in a really long time.....I kind of considered buying it in size 12 months and squeezing my 31 pound chunkster of a 20 month old in it. HA!!!!!

    Thank you for the sweet words, they made my day!

    Ps - I may be wrong, but I don't think you entered the actual link-up on my blog (where it shows yours along with everyone else who has linked-up). Totally don't have to, but thought you'd want to so everyone can see these great finds for your mini!!

    And lastly, if you do in fact get the Sperry's, I MUST, MUST, MUST see Patrick in them asap!!!!!! J didn't get his first pair until after his first birthday and I'm fairly certain seeing him toddle around in them was the cutest things I've ever seen!


  5. I am dying over the bowties! So cute. I'm going to have to pick up one for Hudson. Doesn't having a baby make every holiday so much more fun?!

  6. Ooooo baby sperry's! We tried to get those last year but Drew's canks were too fat (he had big ones). I went with the gap mocs last year and again this year as I LOVE them! That Peter Rabbit onesie is adorable!

  7. Such a cute basket. I love that cute little bunny outfit. I'm sad that Jackson is too big to wear them now. Happy Easter!

  8. Baby Sperry's!!! I've been waiting till my little guy is walking but I may just go for them:) Lots of great picks- your little one is going to love them!!

  9. Adorable!! :) Stopping by from the link-up!!