Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Wedding Wednesday : The Perfect Gift!

Happy Wedding Wednesday Everyone!

Like I said in my recap on Monday we had an engagement party for one of my best friend's Kerry and her fiancĂ© Shane. 
Kerry and Shane at our wedding!

Kerry and I have been best friend's since our middle school theater days...I won't bust out those embarrassing pictures...Our friendship has continued through high school and into adulthood. 

In our younger days...

Like any relationship we have had our bumps but I can say with true certainty we have passed through and overcome them because of a true and genuine love for each other. I consider her more a sister than a friend. So to say I am thrilled for her taking this next step in her life is an understatement! 

Auntie Kerry and PJF

So when I went out to look for an engagement gift, the simple registry was not going to cut the bill!
Kerry and Shane are in the process of a move to Chicago (so sad, but such a fabulous opportunity for them!) so I wanted something that could show where they had been as a couple, and how their relationship started. Awhile ago I had seen some map heart art on Pinterest and thought it would be perfect, so I went out to find someone on Etsy who could create the perfect piece for them.

I found that at Kristin Moore Designs. Her work is so beautiful and was exactly what I had pictured! She was super easy to work with and I can not recommend her enough. Even when she had a tragic event happen in her personal life, she made sure I received the piece in time for the engagement party! If you are not up for a DIY, go check her out!

Here is the final product...

I sent Kristin addresses of the locations where Kerry and Shane had their first date, got engaged and where they will be getting married. Here is a close up of each.

I am so happy with how it turned out and Kerry and Shane loved it as well, which is the most important part! I hope it will always make them smile when they look at it in their new home and will be a reminder of all the wonderful places they have been as a couple.

 Have you created or found any unique gifts for the special couples in your lives?



  1. ohh love this gift idea! so sweet! I need to do this for my friend, we grew up together as well!

  2. Katie, what a wonderful gift! That's so sweet! Here is another website that does maps as well I've always wanted to order but just haven't yet! Have a great day!