Monday, March 11, 2013

Mommy Sick Day...

Hey Everyone,
It's a not so happy Monday at the Flynn home...

So hubby and I had our first solo night out Saturday and we had a blast! Actually we had a little too much fun, I spent yesterday basically on the couch chalking it up to a little too much white wine. But when I woke up this morning with a burning throat and fever I knew I was not in hangover territory anymore. On top on me being sick, little man has been nursing a runny nose since Saturday and of course has decided that sleeping is no longer his favorite thing...shot me know right...

Yes there are no sick days for I have been parked on the couch and Patrick has been in every baby vehicle we have. Exersaucer, jumper, high chair, anything that keeps him entertained and happy! Here is what is in my sick day future...

Hoping tomorrow is a better day, looking forward to some happy Easter and St.Paddy's Day posts this week!



  1. Oh no!!! Hope you feel better soon!

  2. For some reason Sprite, grilled cheese, and Saltine crackers make me feel better whenever I'm feeling yucky. Get well soon!

  3. Ugh, I know how it is. It is so hard to take care of them when you feel horrible. We were all hit with the stomach bug and I ended up in the hospital. ROUGH times.


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  4. Aww! Hope you & your little are feeling better soon!

  5. oh no! Hope you are feeling better. Mom's should never be allowed to be sick!!!

    xoxo Jamie

  6. Feel better soon!!! And I hope little guy feels better and sleeps some for ya!