Thursday, March 21, 2013

Patrick's Nine Month Favorites!

patrick's nine month favorites

Britax Convertible Car Seat I have to say it was very sad retiring the bucket car seat, but PJF was defiantly ready for the upgrade. He is so much more comfortable and able to look around and out the window. It makes a huge difference in his mood in the car. Also I did a tremendous amount of research and I can rest easy putting him in the seat knowing it is the safest option!

Gerber Organic Crunchies These are the equivalent of crack in our house. Patrick LOVES them! They have really helped him with exploring solids foods and are also great in a pinch to keep him happy.

Fisher Price Step N Play Piano This was one of Patrick's Christmas gifts and he still loves it. Now that he is more mobile he loves spinning and walking back and forth.

OBall Rainstick Rattle This is a new favorite in our house. It is easy for him to hold but also stimulating with the noises from the rainstick. His new favorite game is rolling the ball back and forth to us, we spend alot of time doing this!

Zubels Rocker Monkey This organic hand knit lovie is one of Patrick's favorite!

Sound Machine This is key of for us for traveling! It helps Patrick nap in unfamiliar places and the noises are soft and peaceful.

Maclaren Triumph Stroller I love this umbrella stroller. You can fold it with one hand and its is easy to carry. It is also comfortable for baby and easy to navigate with. A must have!

Happy Thursday!


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