Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Easter Fashion Show

Happy Tuesday!

My trip to Hilton Head is coming up faster and faster. I started packing this morning and am so thrilled for warmer weather and sunshine! I also am so excited to celebrate Easter with my family. Easter is such a fun holiday to dress up our little ones. Here are some of my favorite Easter finds for little boys and girls!


I can't wait to show you all Patrick's Easter outfits, I will be posting from HHI so stay tuned!



  1. So so cute. I love the little bow tie and hat

  2. Adorable! Love the boy shoes!!!

  3. I officially need a baby to grow inside my belly to wear these cute outfits!

  4. You're so good. I'm so lazy. My mom asked me if I had Easter dresses for the girls (Umm, no...) Well actually I have an outfit from one of Phoebe's baby showers that I think she can wear for Easter- its white and frilly. Mom asked me if I wanted her to get something for Haddie Grace and I told her its probably more trouble than its worth. Is that bad? I don't have anything to wear for Easter...so we probably won't take pictures anyways. :) We'll see.