Friday, February 8, 2013

Friday Favorites

I love Erin Condron Planners! I am pretty sure with all the hinting I have been doing it might be this girl's Valentine's Day gift!

Such a cute personal touch for the kitchen! A great Etsy find!

I am loving a lot of new shows right now! 

Deception is my favorite new drama. It has a great cast and the suspense is already killing me!

The hubby and I were both really excited for The Americans. A little violent but great story line and concept!

I am slightly obsessed with Buckwild. The scenes are just so ridiculous and the subtitles are hysterical. Makes me feel young again from the safety of my own home! And for all of you that watch the fact that their is a power plant right behind their swimming hole makes me hysterical every time I see it :)

As an avid Sex and the City fan I had to check out The Carrie Diaries. So far, so good nothing ground breaking but a good DVR pick for those late teething nights with little man!

I have been searching for the perfect mirror for our front hall for months. I found this one at Target for 39.99$! Can't beat the price! 

This was my birthday gift and a fabulous perk of having a future sister in law who works for Kate Spade. It is such a great everyday bag! I absolutely love it!



  1. Ha! I am watching all of the same shows, except, the Carrie Diaries ,need to check that one out. Love your new purse!! and great etsy and target finds!!!

  2. Just found your blog, it's SUPER cute with such a cute little boy! If you have a moment, come on over to and check out our baby week wrap-up, lots of great posts and giveaways!