Sunday, February 2, 2014

Something not to be missed!

Happy Super Bowl Sunday Everyone!

Before I get to my favorite recipes for today and a few festive touches for a fabulous Super Bowl. I had to share an amazing blog. I have been blessed to be a part of a group Lil Mamas for over a year now, it started as a private Facebook group and since has expanded to an amazing website for Moms to find advice, comradery and sometimes a just good vent! Check it out it's an awesome resource for new moms!

Recently Cecelia (one of their awesome bloggers) shared a post about raising girls today that I just have to share.

Her commentary is not to be missed, please take a moment to read it, share it with your husband and discuss it with your girlfriends. Our girls (not a girl mom yet but hope to someday be one!) are too precious not to be protected! This discussion needs to happen now!

So now that you've read that, you have right!? If not scroll back up and try again! I'm serious :)

Ok now for some Super Bowl Fun
Here are a few of my favorite recipes for today!

Happy Super Bowl Sunday!!!


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