Thursday, January 3, 2013

Six month photo prep and more!

So after all the crazyness of the past few weeks we are starting to get back into a normal routine. I'm actually pretty excited that we do not have very much going on in the next few weeks. I'm ready for some quiet downtime for sure. But this Saturday we have Patrick's six month photos with our fabulous photography. I'm super excited and have been searching for inspiration. Heres the outfits I was thinking.

six month photos

I've also started the process of taking down our holiday decor and I am in search of some fun winter decor. Here are some idea I have found.

Some Valentine's Day ideas!

I thought this would be so cute printed for a girl's bedroom or children's bathroom.

And of course we need a new winter chalkboard!

Last but not least I saw this on Pinterest last night and I can't get over it! If I ever have a little girl this will be done!

Happy Thursday xoxo Katie


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