Friday, January 4, 2013

New Years Resolutions

A lot of this in my life have changed in the past year. I left my job, had a baby and moved into our new home as always that makes me think during this time of year what can I do to make myself happier and healthier. So here is what I have come up with for 2013

1. To get back into the gym and try and work out five to six days a week. It has been incredibly hard since baby but I am resolved to get back in shape.
2. I am going to set up a cleaning schedule. Keeping the house tidy with little man has seemed impossible I hope this will help.
This is the schedule I am going to try and follow!

3.We are starting a family vacation fund. We are hoping to go to Disney next December!
A little DIY I'm doing but ours will be Disney World of course!

These are the images keeping us inspired!

4. To finish the DIY projects around the house

Organize all our wedding, baby/bridal shower, baptism and housewarming cards

Finish our picture wall
Source: via Katie on Pinterest

Decorate our entry way 

Decorate the kids bathroom

So that's what I have in mind! Bring on 2013!
xoxo Katie


  1. Great resolutions! I'm trying to get more in shape, as well!