Tuesday, October 14, 2014


After we had Patrick my biggest regret was that we didn't get a stroller that converted to a double. I fretted over it and was convinced I had made a huge mistake...Having more than one child has always been in the plans for us. To be honest I have always imagined myself with at least four, a house full of noise, messes and tons of kids. So when Patrick's first birthday rolled around I was anxious to start trying for another, Chris on the other hand saw no reason to rush. My brother and my best friend were getting married in the fall and we had booked a trip to Disney, lets wait we said, it had been so easy to conceive Patrick it would surely not be hard the next time around. So we waited and in the Fall we started trying, now a year and a half months we are still trying. I know in the world of infertility this is no time but to say I am devastated is an understatement.

So when we hit the 8 month mark I knew something was wrong. We meet with an amazing Reproductive Endocrinologist. After loads of testing we discovered my thyroid levels were off probably from my pregnancy with Patrick. I was put on medication and we scheduled our first IUI. We were hopeful and happy to have a path and direction. Unfortunately the first did not work.

So that brings us to today. We had our second IUI on Sunday, this cycle included a much more aggressive treatment with injectables and fermera. At the end we had two beautiful follicles and husbands numbers were great. We are super hopeful this is it and we will have happy news in two weeks!



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