Monday, April 8, 2013

Back in Action

We got home from Hilton Head Thursday and have been recovering ever since! We had such an amazing trip. It was so good to spend an extended about of time with Jeanne, my sisters and brothers. I also have to say I love the South, if we ever had the option I would move in a second.

Here's a glimpse at our trip!

At the airport. He was so amazing on the plane. We watched videos on the iPad then had a bottle and crashed. He even earned his first set of wings for his flight!

We spent Easter Sunday going to church then relaxing at the house and spending lots of quality time with his aunts and uncle!

First Easter Basket!

We had to hit all our favorite spots in HHI, including the Frosty Frog!

Just a baby on a big deal!

My sister Maggie waitresses at One Hot Mamas a restaurant that is owned by Miss Orchid who was on Food Network's Next Food Network Star. We stopped by and all had lunch, Orchid was such a doll and Patrick was a complete flirt!

We were so sad to leave but defiantly ready to get home and see Daddy!

and someone turned ten months old while we were gone...I'll be doing that update tomorrow!



  1. oh my word. his Easter outfit with the little vest and bow tie is beyond precious! We adore Frosty Frog Cafe, one of our must-visit spots when we hit HHI!

  2. Looks like you had a great trip! I love the "just a baby on a bar, no big deal" LOL!! Glad you're back home safe, love all the pics!

  3. Ah! He is adorable. Looks like a fun weekend! I would LOVE to visit HHI.

  4. Looks like such a fun time! Glad he was good on the flight- his easter outfit is so cute!

  5. glad you had fun! the south is pretty great! ipads are def the way to travel with toddlers :)