Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The most important vendor....

To both FI and I by far the most important vendor is the photographer. To have beautiful photos to remember our special day is something we have talked and thought about since the moment we got engaged. I have followed several photographers blogs and to say we have a ton of talented photographers in our area is an understatement. But then we say photographs taken at one of my bridesmaid's sisters wedding! WOW! was the first thing we said and second was who was their photographer????? Studio 1923 was the answer and we were hooked! Another of my bridesmaid got engaged shortly after us and booked Jerome Braga of Studio 1923 almost immediately she couldn't stop raving so we booked a meeting. Jerome and his wife Jennifer were lovely they had the same view on photography as we did,that capture the spirit of our day was their most important goal. They put all our worries to rest, our massive bridal party, mixed family and catholic gap ceremony. We booked the next day! I can't wait to shoot our engagement pictures this spring but til then heres a tease of some of our photographers work!!! Anyone else love their photographer? What made you choose your above all the rest?


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